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Barry Every's - The Defense - NUC Five Star East New Jersey Showcase

Barry's Top Performers - The Defense - NUC Five Star New Jersey Showcase

Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Barry's Top Performers - The Defense - NUC Five Star New Jersey Showcase

Courtesy: Barry Every / National Underclassmen Combine
          Release: April 05, 2012
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Robbinsville, New Jersey- A star studded field of superior athletes participated in the NUC East Five-Star Showcase this past Sunday in New Jersey. Over 180 invite-only prospects took part in agilities, individual position drills, and one-on-ones. This may have been the most talented group of linebackers and defensive backs to ever take part in a NUC event. Below NUC National analyst, Barry Every, breaks down his top performers from the Five-Star Showcase.
Defensive Line
Andrew Brown, Indian River, VA (2014)
Official Size: 6-3-1/2, 285
Assets: Brown has the rare combination of size and athleticism which allows him to project as a strong side defensive end or defensive tackle at the next level. He possesses very, very long arms and an ultra-quick get-off. His pad level at the point of attack is ideal and he is anchored low to the ground with a superior powerbase. His performance was one of the most dominating I have seen in any camp across the country. He ended up being a unanimous decision for DL MVP and he also received consideration for Overall MVP.
Development: The two areas he could improve upon is shifting some midsection weight into his upper body and learning to play under control. Regardless he will be considered one of the top prospects in the nation for the class of 2014.
Offers: Illinois, North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.
Courtel Jenkins, St. Anthony's, NJ (2014)
Official Size: 6-1-1/2, 319
Assets: When you look in the dictionary for the definition of a true nose guard there is a photo of Jenkins. He already possesses the ideal size and strength to compete at the next level. His girth will allow him to take on more than one blocker allowing linebackers and ends to make plays near the line of scrimmage. Jenkins proved to be a hard worker and very coachable. He was easily the best interior defensive lineman at this event.
Development: Jenkins could work on his stamina as he lost a little steam in the fourth hour of the event. He also needs to be careful how much more weight he adds because he is at his optimum weight right now.
Thomas Plonski, Brooklyn Tech, NY (2013)
Official Size: 6-5-1/2, 228
Assets: Plonski has arms and legs like a daddy long-legged harvestmen. His lean frame will eventually hold 255 to 260 pounds allowing him to project as a strong side defensive end. For someone so tall he did a nice job with pad level at the point of attack. The other thing that really stands out about this lineman is his never ending motor. He will end up being your classic over achiever at the next level.
Development: Plonski will need to add more muscle mass and strength to his frame especially in the powerbase region. Though he prefers to play inside he will need to work on his repertoire of moves as a defensive end.
Offers: James Madison

Buddy Brown, Williamston, NJ (2013)
Official Size: 6-2, 200
Assets: Brown is long, lean and at his best moving forward attacking the ball. His skill set is ideal as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. He has the ability to use his long arms to keep blockers off his body while making plays on the outside that shorter stockier linebackers cannot reach.
Development: He needs to work on his coverage skills by staying lower in his backpedal. Adding about 30 pounds muscle mass is imperative for him to take on offensive tackles while he blitzing off the edge.
Offers: He currently has more than a dozen BCS offers.
Christian Cole, McDonough, MD (2013)
Official Size: 6-1, 211
Assets: His frame is similar to those Greek sculptures from the Classical and Hellenistic ages. He was very physical at the point of attack jamming running backs as they crossed the line of scrimmage. But what really stood out was his recovery speed when beaten. He is a tad stiff in the hips but he still demonstrated the speed to run side by side with almost every back in this camp.
Development: He will need to add about 20 pounds in order to bounce around the tackle box at the next level. Improving his flexibility will afford him the opportunity to make plays side line to side line from the inside linebacker position. Any faults Cole has in his game he makes up with herculean effort so look for his stock to escalate once college coaches evaluate his film.
Aaron Glover, Princess Anne, VA (2014)
Official Size: 5-11, 198
Assets: Glover stood out early at this event demonstrating great effort, speed, and flexibility during the agility drills. He may have been the best cover linebacker at this event as he flipped his hips like a salsa dancer. He then used his speed to run step for step with every back he faced during the one-on-ones. His skill set will make him a true head hunter on coverage teams.
Development: He may not possesses the ideal height but he still possesses the frame to add additional muscle mass. Look for him to develop into an athletic inside linebacker with excellent cover skills.
Nick Newman, Battlefield, VA (2013)
Official Size: 6-3, 192
Assets: There are not many linebackers in the country longer and more athletic than Newman. He was able to stay low and balanced while tiptoeing over the bags in agilities. During the one-on-ones he could flip his hips in either direction with ease. He may have made more plays on the ball than any other backer in the camp. He came out of his backpedal like a safety and used his long arms to knock several passes down. His efforts garnered him a share of the LB MVP award.
Development: He will need to add 25 more pounds of muscle mass while maintaining his superior athleticism. The most important thing he can do now is get his film in the hands of defensive coordinators and linebacker coaches.
Cam Queiro, Bergen Catholic, NJ (2014)
Official Size: 5-11, 186
Assets: Queiro was my top performer during the agility drills. No linebacker in this star-studded group could move their feet while keeping the ideal tackling position like this competitor. He then used his skill set to cover running backs like a safety during the one-on-ones. Queiro may be athletic enough to play safety at the next level.
Development: Will he be able to hold enough weight on his frame to play linebacker at the next level? Colleges looking for a linebacker that can stay on the field for every snap versus the spread offense need to take a gander at this Bergen Catholic, NJ star.
Aaaqil Sheppard, Iona Prep, NY (2013)
Official Size: 6-1, 202
Assets: Sheppard was the other great dancer going around and over the bags during agilities. He then put in a dominating performance during the one-on-ones covering backs like a cover corner. His jam at the line of scrimmage took his opponent off their intended routes. Sheppard than flipped his hips and stayed stride for stride with the back coming out of his backpedal like a jaguar attacking its meal. He ended up being named Co-LB MVP.
Development: He will need to add about 20 pounds of muscle mass while keeping his overall athleticism. Sheppard has to get his film up on YouTube for every recruiting analyst and college coach to evaluate.

Defensive Backs
Quin Blanding, Bayside, VA (2014)
Official Size: 6-2/192
Assets: This giant safety possesses the long elegant strides that just gobble up yardage in a blink of an eye. He uses his arms like a ten foot pole poking his opponents unmercifully at the line of scrimmage leaving them bruised and battered. But it was not just his length that set him apart from other defensive backs at this event. He was able to stay low in his backpedal while keeping his balance allowing him to continually make plays on the ball. Blanding earned the DB MVP award and is a sure fire bet for blue-chip status in the class of 2014.
Development: He has a long lean frame that can hold a lot more weight. Will he eventually grow into an outside linebacker? Either way he will still end up a 30 plus offer kid by next year at this time.
Offers: Connecticut, East Carolina, North Carolina, NC State, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.
Evrett Edwards, Woodbridge, NJ (2013)
Official Size: 5-10-1/2, 168
Assets: Edwards not only talked a good game he walked the way of a true confident cover corner. During individual work he demonstrated hips on a swivel and excellent recovery speed. He may have taken more reps than any defensive back during the one-on-ones. If beaten he was not phased coming back harder and stronger on the next rep. Though very thin at this time he also proved very physical in man coverage.
Development: Two things need to be achieved for him to excel at the next level, adding size and strength. Right now I would classify him as a steal for the Duke Blue Devils.
Committed: Duke
Holland Fisher, Manchester, VA (2013)
Official Size: 6-0-1/2, 198
Assets: Fisher possesses tremendous overall body structure almost like that of an outside linebacker. He proved very physical jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage and several times completely taking them out of the play. His appearance is that of a head hunting safety that will just crush ball carriers for the fun of it. He was easily the second best performer as a safety at this event and is deserving of all his offers.
Development: In order to become the total package as a difference making safety he will need to work on his ball skills. Breaking up passes and making big hits is great, but taking one to the house can change the momentum of the game.
Committed: Virginia Tech
Darin Peart, Erasmus Hall, NY (2014)
Official Size: 5-9, 162
Assets: Peart looked every bit the part of a true cover corner. He was able to flip his hips in either direction and then run step for step with the receiver. He also possesses excellent recovery speed if beaten off the line of scrimmage. Peart possesses excellent ball skills and has the ability to take one to the house and change the outcome of the game.
Development: He needs to continue to work on press coverage since he played safety this past year in high school. Adding muscle mass and strength will help him in run support and battling bigger receivers for the ball.

Other Top Performers:
Ousmane Camara, LB, Bay Shore, NY (2013); Marvin Gross, DL, Dunbar (2013); Jay Hayes, DL, Poly Prep, NY (2014); Zachary Hume, Nashoba Regional, MA (2013).
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