Friday, March 27, 2015

NFL Scouting Report: Brandon Person, DB

Scouting Report: Brandon Person, DB

Does this small school player have what it takes to make the nfl and would he be a good fit for the Patriots?
Does this small school player have what it takes to make the nfl and would he be a good fit for the Patriots?
NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken
Someone asked if I could do some reports on lesser known players.  Well, I took it to the extreme with Brandon Person, a defensive back out of Tiffin University. Located in Ohio and part of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Tiffin is not exactly a hot bed for potential NFL players.  This year however, that may change with Brandon Person.  I was lucky enough to find just enough highlight tape and actual games to put together a report on him, so check out this unknown player and let me know what you think.
Name: Brandon Person
School: Tiffin University (Sr.)
Height: 5’11″ (unofficial)
Weight: 196 Lbs. (unofficial)
No combine or Pro day results available
40 yard dash-4.50 (unofficial)
Person has played all over the backfield for the dragons.  He has lined up mostly as their free safety, but also came down in the box to play strong safety as well as some press man corner.  Person shows good footwork in his backpedal and has fluid hips to turn and run with defenders. He reads and reacts to plays quickly and consistently makes it difficult for receivers to make the catch.  He sinks his hips and does not take unnecessary steps on comebacks and combination routes.  Person is physical and on film looks like he enjoys hitting receivers and tackling runners.  You can see on tape that he is the quarterback of the defense, constantly telling and getting his teammates into proper position.  In an interview he did, it sounds like he is a film junkie and is always looking to improve his game both on and off the field.

It is difficult to find any true information on small school players like this. I have seen him listed anywhere from 5’10″ to 6’1″ and 185 Lbs to a whopping 220 Lbs.  I tend to think he is on the smaller side of those numbers.  Not only is he coming from a small school, but he was at a community college before that, so to say he will be making a big jump in competition is an understatement.  Everything from the speed to the complexity of the game is going to be brand new to him and not everyone can make that jump.

I cannot take credit for finding this potential diamond in the rough. I saw something about him on Twitter and decided to check him out further.  It is so hard to get a true feel for a player off a highlight tape, but it is not completely useless either.  You can watch for traits that translate regardless of competition, and Person does show some of those traits.  To my surprise, I was actually able to find some full games as well and again, he showed up.  If this kid gets drafted, and that is a big if, it will be late.  Most likely he will be an undrafted free agent, but we have seen that those guys can come in and contribute.  I think Person shows enough to warrant a shot in camp and may just surprise some people, especially in this weak safety class. Here is a link to some of his tape:
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