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Barry's Recruiting Tips - Highlight Reel (Items 11 - 15)

Barry's Recruiting Tips - Highlight Reel (Items 11 - 15)
Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Barry's Recruiting Tips - Highlight Reel (Items 11 - 15)

Courtesy: Barry Every / National Underclassmen Combine         Release: August 24, 2012
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Barry's Recruiting Tips
Part One 20 Facts About The Football Highlight Tape
Volume 3: Fact 11 - 15
We hope to answer commonly asked questions regarding how to make a highlight video for college recruiters. This includes tips on what to actually put on the video and how to dispense the highlight. Let's face it the goal of a successful highlight tape is to allow as many college coaches and recruiting services as possible to view the student-athlete. Though the National Underclassmen can never guarantee that your son is a definite DI prospect we can guide you with simple tips that will increase the likelihood that your video will be viewed.

11. How will I know if a college coaches are interested in me based on the video? They will almost always contact your head coach first. Remember your best liaison in the recruiting process should always be the head coach or a coach on the staff that has been assigned the responsibility.
12. What about full game tapes? It does not hurt to have hard copies of your highlights followed by a game or two. I would not send college coaches game tape unless it is requested. Let's face it if they are not interested or intrigued by your highlight then they will not be interested in seeing the full game.
13. Should I include practice or scrimmage clips on my highlight? You can but it is highly recommended that most of your video be comprised of clips from actual varsity football games.
14. Should I include an intro on the video that has me talking? I would not recommend this college coaches are always tight on time. You need to have a slate that shows your name, size, jersey number, school, head coach, and position (s) on the video. This should be followed by actual highlights. The idea of a highlight tape is to grab a coach's attention.
15. If my school has end zone and wide copy should I include both? It does not hurt especially if you are an offensive or defensive lineman. Just remember if you decide to have intercut on your highlight the minimum length for a highlight tape should eight minutes in length.

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