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U100 Midwest - Top Performers - Day 1: Class of 2015/2016

U100 Midwest - Top Performers - Day 1: Class of 2015/2016
Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

U100 Midwest - Top Performers - Day 1: Class of 2015/2016

Courtesy: Barry Every / National Underclassmen Combine
          Release: July 10, 2012
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Indianapolis, Indiana- Over 200 participants were on hand for the first day of the MW Ultimate100. Each rising freshman and sophomore earned their invitations to this event. They took part in a combine, one-on-ones, and a 7-on-7 tournament. The campers could not have asked to have their event held at a better facility then host school Warren Central.
Though the unseasonably hot weather wreaked havoc with the schedule of events it did not wither the spirits of the competitors. Below are some of the Top Performers from this event as seen by NUC National Analyst, Barry Every. Not only did these young football stars have superior performances they demonstrated the potential to play football at the next level.
Marco Anverse, LB, Troy, OH (2015)
Testing: 5-10-1/2, 202, 4.61 shuttle, 30 x185-pounds
Assets: Anverse is a powerfully built inside linebacker body. He has the strength and pop to bounce around the tackle box and inflict his will on ball carriers. His coaches thought he was a very hard worker with solid leadership skills. He also proved to be a technician at the linebacker position.  Anverse ended the day as a double award winner earning Strongest Man Skill and LB MVP.
Development: He can work on flexibility which should help improve his stride and lateral movement. It will also help with him turn his hips while dropping in coverage. With three years left of high school football he could turn into a monster sized middle linebacker.

LeVante Bellamy, RB, Brebeuf Jesuit Prep, IN (2015)
Testing: 5-8, 154, 4.56 40, 4.16 shuttle, 31.5-inch vertical, 21x135
Assets: Bellamy has the perfect build to become an all-purpose back at the next level. His size will make it hard for defensive lineman to find him as he hits the line of scrimmage. He also has the speed and superior change of direction to make linebackers miss in space. During the 7-on-7 tournament he proved a great outlet for the quarterback. He was able to take short passes and turn them into long gains. Bellamy was also a double award winner earning Fastest Man and RB MVP.
Development: Like most young scat backs Bellamy will need to tack on another 20 pounds of muscle mass over the next three years. He will also need to maintain his superior athleticism while adding the weight. This will improve durability and allow for more yards after contact.

Andre Brown, QB, Grady, GA (2015)
Testing: 5-10-1/2, 171, 19x135
Assets: Brown has a nice compact throwing motion and the ball comes out of his hands like a rocket. He demonstrated the ability to look one way and then square his feet up and deliver a strike to the opposite side of the field. Brown was in his element during the 7-on-7 tournament leading his team down the field with intelligent throws. Not only did he lead his team to the 7-on-7 tournament championship he earned QB MVP for his superior efforts.
Development: Right now Brown will need to grow about an inch and a half over the next three years while improving as an athlete. He already has good mechanics but needs the that added size to attract college coaches.

Stefan Claiborne, WR, Chippewa Valley, MI (2016)
Testing: 6-0-1/2, 158, 4.71 40, 4.58 shuttle, 27-inch vertical, 9-3 BJ
Assets: Clairborne made his mark during the 7-on-7 tournament. He showed the uncanny ability to adjust to the ball once it was in the air. He also used his superior length and jumping ability to go up and over the defender to snag the ball out of the air like a ping pong ball. Then during the one-on-ones he was able to run sharp crisp routes to create space. His solid effort earned him the WR MVP award.
Development: Claiborne is rail thin at this time and will need to add more muscle mass and strength to help get off press coverage. Additional size and strength will also allow him to go over the middle without fear of being blown up.
Michael Daniel, RB, Brookings, SD (2015)
Testing: 5-10, 181, 4.45 shuttle, 28-vertical, 29x135
Assets: Daniel would be considered a big back for his age group. On the hoof he was more physically developed and larger than most other running backs. But he was more than just a good looking prospect on the hoof as he dominated the 7-on-7 tournament on both sides of the ball. His hands proved to be superior to the other competitors and he was then able to make defenders miss in the open field. Defensively he made plays on the ball because of his smooth backpedal and good instincts. South Dakota may not be a hotbed for DI prospects but this Dodie Donnell Award winner has a good chance of becoming a major DI player.
Development: Daniel could work on his overall speed just a tad. He will most likely get faster as he physically matures but it doesn't hurt for him to continue running track. Since he is in an isolated part of the country getting out to more camps next year will only increase his visibility to college coaches.

Joshuwa Holloman, RB, Avondale, MI (2015)
Testing: 5-9-1/2, 170, 4.62 40, 35-inch vertical, 9-4 BJ
Assets: Holloman already possesses good size and body structure for his age. He also is a very explosive athlete that tested off the charts for a young running back. He has good hands and the ability to make people miss when in space. But what really caught my attention was his skill set which allows for versatility. He could project on either side of the ball and on special teams.
Development: Holloman may make a better cornerback then a running back prospect. This means taking practice reps as a defensive back in future camps. The bottom line is that good backs grow on trees compared to cover corners.
Alec Ingold, QB, Bay Point, WI (2015)
Testing: 6-0, 190, 4.97 40, 4.4 shuttle, 29.5-inch vertical, 26x135
Assets: Ingold already has good size for the position and is very athletic for his age. But what really stood out about this signal caller were his solid mechanics. He got good depth on his drops and demonstrated a short compact throwing motion. He also threw the ball with consistent spin and good velocity. He was one of four signal callers in the running for QB MVP.
Development: Being more consistent with his weight transfer will improve his arm strength and accuracy. But the biggest area of improvement would be hitting a good dose of camps next year in order to increase his visibility to college coaches since Green Bay, Wisconsin is not known as a hotbed for college football prospects.
Sam Letton, TE, Lexington Catholic, TN (2016)
Testing: 6-2, 202, 4.82 40, 4.4 shuttle, 16x135-pounds
Assets: This young tight end had a tremendous day from start to finish. He already has good size and overall athleticism. Letton proved to be a good route runner that possesses the body control of a contortionist. During the 7-on-7 portion of the camp he was the down the field threat for the white team. He used his size and soft hands to make several plays when covered. He was also able to make yards after the catch which is imperative for a hybrid TE/WR. Letton became the only 8th grader to win Overall MVP at an NUC Ultimate100 this year.
Development: With four more years of high school football to go the world is just a marble in the palm of his hand. He needs to stay focused on being the best he can and great things will happen for Letton down the road.
Reese Ryan, QB, Lexington Catholic, KY (2015)
Testing: 6-2, 166
Assets: It looks like Lexington Catholic has their next great signal caller after Kyle Bolin leaves for Louisville next year. Ryan already has the ideal height and arm strength to attract college coaches. He proved to be very accurate and threw the ball with consistent spin. He was one of the signal callers that made it hard on the NUC Coaches when choosing QB MVP.
Development: Mechanically I would like to see him raise the ball a tad while taking his drop. He had a tendency to throw ¾ arm with his elbow lower that his shoulder. This will cause the ball to float if he does not come over the top with his throwing motion.
Donovan Sheffield, DB, Ensworth, TN (2015)
Testing: 5-10, 162, 4.75 40, 4.62 shuttle, 29.5-inch vertical, 9-4 BJ
Assets: Sheffield already possesses good size for a true cover corner. But it was his ability to be physical at the line of scrimmage and turn his hips while running stride for stride with the receiver. He already knows how to use his long arms to steer receivers off their intended routes. Sheffield proved to have hips on a swivel and great recovery speed. His ability to lock down offensive targets earned him the coveted DB MVP award.
Development: Sheffield plays on what many experts consider one of the best teams in the country. This fall he will get his chance on a big stage to show off his skill set to college coaches. With a good sophomore season he could earn early offers.
Guy Victoria, LB, Springfield, OH (2015)
Testing: 6-1-1/2, 207, 4.59 shuttle, 28x135
Assets: Victoria was not only the biggest linebacker but possibly the best looking prospect on the hoof at this camp. He did a nice job of discouraging receivers and backs from running routes across the middle of the field. But what really stood out was his hustle and recovery speed chasing receivers downfield during 7-on-7. Victoria also has very good sideline to sideline speed. He has the ideal length and strength to develop into a solid inside linebacker prospect.
Development: He can work on his running style a bit which should help lower his 40-time. If he practices and workout as hard as he plays 7-on-7 he could turn into a giant linebacker with the ability to inflict his will on offensive players.
Hayden Vinegar, OL, DuPont Manual, KY (2015)
Testing: 6-0-1/2, 256, 5.41 40, 24.5-inch vertical, 16x155
Assets: I would consider Vinegar to be very athletic for a young interior offensive lineman. He is a natural hip and knee bender that looks great in his pass set. He was able to use a good punch centered on the numbers of the pass rushers which helped keep them off balanced. He also has a great frame and little to no bad body weight. His superior effort earned him OL MVP.
Development: Vinegar will need to continue to improve his strength while maintaining his overall athleticism. This will help him combat those wide behemoth nose guards he will face down the road.
Other Top Performers: Ja'Mar Antwine, WR, Orchard Lake St. Mary's, MI (2015); Eric Doviak, OL, Co-Strongest Man Line, Oswego, NY (2015); Anthony Jackson, DL MVP, Pike, IN (2015); Ephriam Jasper, ATH, Leadership,  Edsel Ford, MI (2015); Bradley Murphy, OL, Elder, OH (2015); Kellen Overstreet, RB, Combine King Skill, Penney, MO (2015); Grant Siegel, DL, Combine King Line, St. Thomas Aquinas, FL (2015); Nathan Trawick, DL, Richmond, IN (2015), Kyle Wallace, DB, Hales Franciscan, OH (2015).
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