Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Midwest Storm Team Members,

Next Week is the South Side Chicago 7 on 7 & Combine. For the 7 on 7 Tournament all team members will be getting the new uniforms to compete

Check this out

NUC Midwest Storm 7 on 7 Team Gear is out All NUC Midwest Storm Team Members will Receive at the SouthSide Chicago Event when they compete http://ping.fm/WLs1o

go to www.nationalunderclassmen.com to register for the Tourney and the combine too. Everyone in the tourney from the team that made the team which is also listed on nationalunderclassmen.com will get the shorts and the tshirt when they sign up to compete with the team.

The Shirts are courtesy of Xtreme Procision at www.xtremeprocision.com

Coach Schuman
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