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Barry Every's Top Performers - The Defense - NUC Five Star South Showcase

Barry's Top Performers - The Defense - NUC Five Star South Showcase

Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

Barry's Top Performers - The Defense - NUC Five Star South Showcase

Courtesy: Barry Every / National Underclassmen Combine         Release: April 19, 2012
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East Point, Georgia - The fifth of eight regional NUC Five-Star Showcases too place this past weekend on the campus of Tri-Cities High School. Over 140 athletes from around the South were on hand to take part in agilities, individual position work, and one-on-ones. The biggest surprise was the dominate performance put inj b from DT/DE Terrence Summers of Springfield, TN. This powerful baby bull used his superior size and strength to pummel offensive lineman.  Below are the top defensive performers as seen by, NUC National Analyst, Barry Every.
Defensive Line
Danny Ezechikwu, Arabia Mountain, GA (2013)
Official Size: 6-1-1/2, 228
Assets: Ezechikwu is your ideal pass rushing hybrid DE/LB. He is extremely quick off the ball and his motor never stops. Though not the biggest defensive end he still possesses superior overall body structure. He proved to be very coachable and took rep after rep during the one-on-ones never seeming to tire or give in. He was clearly the second best defensive lineman at this camp.
Development: I would really like to see him work out as a linebacker at future camps. I know he can run like the wind but can he backpedal and cover?

Terrence Summers, Springfield, TN (2013)
Official Size: 6-1, 268
Assets: This defensive lineman is a man child. His legs are built like a pair of muscular oak trees. He comes off the ball like a raging rhino using his arms and good pad level to collapse the pocket. Summers was the only defensive lineman that gave Overall MVP Shamire DeVine troubles. He also proved very versatile taking reps at defensive tackle and defensive end. He easily won the DL MVPaward.
Development: He really just needs to work on adding to his repertoire of pass rushing moves. Summers is already strong enough and athletic enough to compete at the next level.

Justin Bridges-Thompson, Spartanburg, SC (2013)
Official Size: 6-1-1/2, 197
Assets: He stood out right off the bat during agility drills moving his feet and hips with the swiftness of a defensive back. Bridges-Thompson looked great dropping in coverage during individual drills and he possesses the ball skills to be a defensive difference maker. But it was not just his physical attributes that stood out but his vocal leadership and encouragement of others. His efforts did not go unnoticed as he walked away with the LB MVP.
Development: He is a bit thin right now so adding another 25 pounds of muscle mass will help him inflict damage on ball carriers. Bridges-Thompson may actually project better as a strong safety.
Offers: Arizona, NC State, Pittsburgh, and Wake Forest.

Cedric Chambers, LB/SS, Central, AL (2013)
Official Size: 5-11, 188
Assets: Chambers looks like a safety and proved to have the ideal footwork, backpedal, and hips to drop in coverage. He was very impressive during agilities and even more impressive during individual position work. Chambers can flip his hips and run stride for stride with running backs. His ball skills are also superior to the average linebacker as he had no problem snatching the ball out of the air at its highest point.
Development: Chambers may never be big enough to play linebacker at the next level. But he is athletic enough and big enough to project as a DI safety. I would like to see him work out as a defensive back at future camps.

Tre' Williams, St. Paul's Episcopal, AL (2014)
Official Size: 6-2, 224
Assets: This guy left every coach at the camp slack jawed with his overall body structure and effort level. Then when everyone realized that Williams is still only a sophomore it made his performance even more shocking and amazing. Early on he seemed a tad stiff in the hips during agilities. But once he got his feet wet he came on strong dominating the one-on-ones at the point of attack. Williams was able to take running backs off their intended routes with a powerful jam. Even in off-man coverage he took great attack angles to break up passes with his long arms. His effort earned him the coveted Underclassmen MVP.
Development: He needs to be more consistent staying low in his backpedal while dropping in coverage. But there is little doubt that he is a major DI prospect for the class of 2014.
Offers: Alabama, Auburn, and Florida State.

Defensive Backs

Jalen Myrick, Savannah Christian, GA (2013)
Official Size: 5-10, 195
Assets: Myrick has great size for a cornerback and the speed to run step for step with any receiver. He also has above average ball skills for a defender which gives him the ability to take one to the house in a blink of an eye. His skill set allows him to project on either side of the ball and as a kick returner. Look for his stock to take off once his film gets in the hands of college coaches.
Development: He needs to work on staying low and balanced in his backpedal. This will allow him to come out and make more plays on the ball. P.S., He has already run 10.67 in the 100-meters this year.

Cinwon Whitehead, Jr., B.T. Washington, GA (2013)
Official Size: 5-9, 170
Assets: Whitehead dominated the defensive back position from the get go. He looked silky smooth in his backpedal and was able to change directions on a dime. He also has excellent ball skills making him a threat to pick the ball off at any time. His ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage taking them off their intended routes allowed him to dominate almost every receiver in the camp. Whitehead also possesses the recovery speed to get back in the play if beaten off the line of scrimmage. His performance allowed him to win the DB MVP award.
Development: It is really hard to believe he has no offers at this time. This is a very intellectual player with great overall technique that is willing to compete and never give up. Adding ten more pounds of muscle mass will only make him a (can't-miss) prospect.
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