Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday NUC Givewaway.

Super Bowl Sunday NUC Givewaway.

Updated: Sunday 02/05/2012 12:21:02 (ET)
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Sign Up for the NUC All Inclusive Combine & 7 on 7 Showcase and get all kinds of great giveways just for the 24 Hours of the Super Bowl. Register right here today. Just Choose your city, choose the all-inclusvine package and you will get the following Items absolutely free!
#1-NUC Combine Prep Training Video ($30.00 Value)

#2-NUC Concert T-Shirt ($25.00 Value)

#3-NUC Speed Training Manual 60 Days to Speed ($30.00 Value)
You will those all free with your registration.
In Addition you will get to watch NUC Pro football Clinic Coach Victor Cruz of the Giants and NUC Event Coach Alex Silvestro of the Patriots play in the Super Bowl. Only the NUC has two Super Bowl Coaches!!
Register right here today.
Enjoy the Super Bowl and you will we will see you soon at the NUC Events. We are looking forward to getting you to the next leve.
Also follow us on twitter @nucfootball and on to get involved with all our contests for Super Bowl Sunday!
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