Thursday, February 16, 2012

NUC Q&A with Ryan Switzer

NUC Q&A with Ryan Switzer
Photo by: National Underclassmen Football Combine

NUC Q&A with Ryan Switzer

Courtesy: Mike Coppinger / National Underclassmen Football Combine
Release: February 15, 2012

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Ryan Switzer, the 2011, Gatorade Player of the Year in West Virginia, now finds himself sifting through offers from 13 Division 1 programs - most notably FSU, Penn State and WVU -- with more offers surely in the pipeline.

Switzer garnered Overall MVP honors at the Charlotte, NC event clocking in at 4.0 in the shuttle and registering an impressive 34-inch vertical. The 5-foot-10, 170 pound running back is one of top prospects for the Class of 2013, rushing for 2700 yards and 42 TDs as a junior at George Washington School in Charleston, West Virginia.

Switzer also played on defense, as he recorded five picks. Switzer took some time to sit down with NUC to discuss his recruiting process among other things.

NUC: What are your strengths as a running back that separate you from other

Ryan Switzer: "I believe my balance and shiftiness help me take less hits and also get hit and bounce off and continue to be able to run."

NUC: How does your speed help you against defense?

RS: "My speed is very difficult for teams to deal with. That extra bounce outside that I have when nothing is there helps gain extra yards. And once I get past the line of scrimmage it's usually a TD."

NUC: How challenging is it to play both ways?

RS: "The most challenging part is after a long TD, having to go kick off and then play defense. My training and work ethic take over late in games."

NUC: How has NUC helped your recruiting process?

RS: "I believe NUC has made me more competitive and taught me the things I need to be the best."

NUC: What are you most looking for in a school?

RS: "I'm looking for good academics, a school that can offer more once my football career is done, great facilities, a winning program and a good fan base."

NUC: What was the most impressive thing you learned or saw during your college visits?

RS: "Most impressive had to be when I was at Penn State for the Alabama game. Awesome atmosphere and all the PSU students were yelling at me, telling me to come here!

NUC: What is your favorite part about football?

RS: "Favorite part has to be breaking into the open field and seeing who's the fastest to the end zone."

NUC: What is your training regimen?

RS: "I train about five days a week when I'm not in basketball. Of those five days I will lift four and then go with my trainer four days. So on a day I may not lift I will still be with my trainer."

NUC: How does basketball help you with your football game?

RS: "Basketball helps my elusiveness. All the lateral movement keeps me quick on my feet."

NUC: Have you ever been counted out because of your size?

RS: "I think I've been underestimated, but once I get out on the field they understand who I am."

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