Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jordon McCallister; The King of KC

At 6'0 300 lbs, Junction City HS' Jordon McCallister is hard to miss. Few athletes his age can claim to be his size and even less can place themselves at his level skill wise. For the second consecutive year, McCallister starred at an NUC event, this time taking home the Overall MVP award.
The monstrous offensive lineman moves far quicker than his 300 lb frame suggests, he has tremendous strength (bench pressing 185 lbs 31 times), nice hands and very good technique. During the 1 on 1's, he was in control throughout, putting the d-linemen down every time they stepped up. With his senior year still to come, McCallister has interest from ten D1 programs including Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas and Vanderbilt.
Wesley Leftwich (Hickman) was also a big time winner at the junior combine, taking home the Combine King WR MVP and Fastest Man awards. At 6'1 194, he had a 38.5 inch vertical, 9'9 broad jump, ran a 4.30 shuttle, 4.51 40 and bench pressed 185 lbs 20 times, thus is exceptionally gifted. During 1 on 1's, he was in the zone, beating the DB's off the line and always creating enough space to catch the ball comfortably. He is headed to the University of Missouri in 2011 and looks to be a good fit for their offense
Marquise Cushon (Raytown South) is undersized at 5'8 155, but has the heart of a lion. He fought tooth and nail with the WR's during 1 on 1's, playing physically against much bigger players. Cushon also displayed good closing speed and nice footwork in addition to running a 4.38 shuttle and jumping 9'5 on the broad. If he grows in his senior season, there is a shot he can make some serious noise.
The Jameel and Jamaal Cox Show!
Brothers Jameel and Jamaal Cox of Raytown South HS are mirror images of one another. Aside from being virtually impossible to tell apart, both are around 5'8 220 and play linebacker. Skill wise, there is minimal, if any difference between the two. Both had terrific field vision, played passionately, excellent footwork and jumped around 8'7 on the broad, while running a 4.6 shuttle en route to sharing the Overall MVP award. Raytown definitely gets two for the price of one!
Ondre Pipkins (Park Hill) is a physically imposing 6'2 319 lb d-lineman with the skills to pay the bills. He has great quickness for somebody his size, good lateral movement and strength (bench pressing 185 lbs 21times). Pipkins was a force to be reckoned with and is worth looking out for.
Trent Hosick Dominates KC Frosh session!
Trent Hosick (Homeschoold) placed himself in a rare group of players to win four awards, taking home the Overall MVP, Combine King, Strongest Man and Leadership honors. With a 32 inch vertical, 9'2 broad jump, 4.40 shuttle and by bench pressing 135 lbs 40 times, The 5'11 194 lb sensation proved to be worth the price of admission.
During the 1 on 1's, the gifted QB threw an awesome ball, displayed solid footwork, made smart choices and is a natural born leader. Hosick also has an exceptional work ethic and only wants to improve, which is scary if you think about it.
Haiwatha MS' Peyton Newell is yet to enter high school, but is already headed in the right direction. The 6'0.5 221 lb d-lineman won the 8th Grade MVP and was the strongest 8th grader we have ever seen. He bench pressed 135 lbs 39 times, displayed great hip movement, has excellent attention to detail and nice moves off of the line. Newell has MAJOR potential.
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