Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DETROIT, MI 9th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List

DETROIT, MI 9th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List
Shane Morris
De La Salle
QB #101
Morris, 6'1.5 174, won the 9th grade MVP. He had a 28 inch vertical, 8'7 broad jump, ran a 4.60 shuttle,  has a sensational arm, good field vision, quick feet and a calm demeanor.
Jonathon Reschke
Brother Rice HS, MI
LB #65
Reschke was awarded the LB MVP. A standout freshman who competed with the juniors, Reschke had a 32 inch vertical, 8'4 broad jump, ran a 4.30 shuttle, bench pressed 135 lbs 26 times, is tough, smart, confident and dominated during 1 on 1's.
Derek Brown
Yale MS, MI
OL #111
Brown, 6'2.5 270, earned the 8th Grade and OL MVP awards. The mammoth prospect bench pressed 135 lbs 28 times, has great technique, good hands and awesome potential.
Jordan Degreffenreed
Farmington HS, MI
RB #68
Degreffrenreed won the RB MVP. The 5'6.5 155 lb standout had an 8'8 broad jump, ran a 4.64 shuttle, is quick on his feet, explosive, runs nice routes, has good hands and is a natural born leader.
Kevin Matejko
Wyandotte HS, MI
QB #106
Matejko, 6'1 173, was awarded the QB MVP. He had a strong arm, makes good decisions and a 27 inch vertical.
Jerod Fisher
Heritage HS, MI
WR #75
Fisher, 6'1 178, took home the WR MVP award. He has good hands, a solid work ethic and runs nice routes.
Ahmad Al-Aboody
Fordson HS, MI
RB #22
Al-Aboody was crowned the Combine King and also won the Fastest Man award. The 5'9 168 lb standout had a 32 inch vertical, 9'8 broad jump, ran a 4.57 shuttle, bench pressed 135 lbs 21 times and did a nice job in 1 on 1's.
Colt Harrington
Greenville HS, MI
LB #95
Harrington won the LB MVP. Powerful at 6'0 227, He bench pressed 135 lbs 20 times, gives a great effort, is a good athlete, plays patiently, keeps his eye on his target at all times and is a leader. There is a lot to like about Harrington.
Bradley Rigoulot
Owosso HS, MI
CB #20
Rigoulot was the DB MVP. The 5'8 154 lb prospect had an 8'3 broad jump, ran a 4.58 shuttle, hustles hard, is physical and listened to our coaches.
Mark Chapman
Port Huron HS, MI
QB #13
Chapman, 5'10 146, won the Leadership award. He works hard, had an 8'2 broad jump, ran a 4.49 shuttle and is vocal.
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