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ATLANTA BTH, GA 9th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List

ATLANTA BTH, GA 9th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List
Anthony Young
White Station HS, TN
RB #1
Young may be exactly that, but the 5'10 168 lb running back plays like a seasoned vet. Young runs great routes, comes off the line hard, has good hands and is difficult to cover, putting him atop the charts during 1 on 1's. Athletically, Young was also outstanding, with a 32 inch vertical, 9'1 broad jump, 4.25 shuttle run and 4.68 40 guiding him to the Overall MVP and Combine King awards.
Stanley Williams
Westside MS, GA
RB #6
Williams proved to be amongst the elite 8th Graders in recent memory, earning himself the Overall MVP and Leadership awards. The extremely talented 5'7 158 lb running back had a 29.5 inch vertical, 9'2 broad jump, ran a 4.65 shuttle, 4.68 40, great hands, is a natural born leader and works hard.  Williams is definitely worth watching out for.
AJ Erdely
West Forsyth HS, GA
QB #62
Erdely, 6'3 183, won the QB MVP. A solid all around player, Erdely had great poise, solid fundamentals, a strong arm, jumped 9'1 in the broad, ran a 4.56 shuttle and bench pressed 155 lbs 22 times. H
Jantzen Jeffrey
South Forsyth HS, GA
QB #16
Jeffrey shared the QB MVP with Erdely. At 5'11.5 170, Jeffrey had an 8'8.5 broad jump, ran a 4.61 shuttle, displayed nice footwork, a cannon for an arm and exceptional potential.
Jacob Mays
North Murray HS, GA
WR #85
Mays, 6'0.5 180, won the WR MVP award. Mays had an 8'0 broad jump, ran a 4.56 shuttle. plays big and physical, runs good routes, consistently creates separation between himself and the DB's and has good hands.
Kasey Gaines
Grayson HS, GA
WR #94
In winning the WR MVP, Kasey definitely gained a whole lot at the combine, jumping 9'1 on the broad and running a 4.48 shuttle in addition to looking like the total package during the 1 on 1's.
Paul Davis
Cairo HS, GA
LB #13
Davis, 5'8 172, won the LB MVP. The gifted Davis had a 30.5 inch vertical, 8'3 broad jump, ran a 4.71 shuttle, bench pressed 135 lbs 27 times, had great agility, nice lateral movement, soft hands and great downhill speed.
Isaiah Grooms
Union Grove HS, GA
RB #21
Grooms took home the WR MVP. At 5'7 159, Grooms had a 32 inch vertical, 9'1 broad jump, ran a 4.40 shuttle, had good feet, soft hands and attacks the gap aggressively.
Aaron Farley
Wade Hampton HS, SC
S #53
Farley, 5'9 171, reigned supreme over the WR's en route to claiming the DB MVP. A shut down safety, Farley was exceptional in coverage, playing physically and jamming the WR's throughout. He also had an 8'6 broad jump.
Josh Cardiello
Buford HS, GA
OL #110
Cardiello, 6'2.5 280, won the OL MVP award. He had great feet, strong hands, good hips and outstanding technique, helping him dominate the opposing linemen during the 1 on 1's.
David Miranda
Maiden HS, NC
DL #118
Miranda was the Strongest Man award winner. The 5'11 293 lb powerhouse bench pressed 155 lbs 18 times.
Cooper Clegg
Fort Mill HS, SC
DL #119
Clegg took home the DL MVP award. The 5'11 271 lb standout is strong, plays physical and has an awesome work ethic.
Andrew Kwateng
Roswell HS, GA
RB #89
Kwateng was the Fastest Man award winner. The fleet footed 5'6 166 lb running back dashed to a 4.59 40, 4.48 shuttle, had a 31.5 inch vertical, 9'1 broad jump and bench pressed 155 lbs 24 times.

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