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ATLANTA BTH, GA 11th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List

ATLANTA BTH, GA 11th grade NUC Schuman’s Outstanding Performance List
Alvin Dupree
Wilkinson County HS, GA
TE #50
Dupree reigned supreme, taking home the Overall MVP award with a dominant all around performance. The graciously gifted 6'4.5 220 lb tight end had a 35.5 inch vertical, 9'2 broad jump, ran a 4.48 shuttle, 4.65 40, had good hands, terrific speed for a player his size and knew how to demand the ball. Dupree was simply in a league of his own.
Jibril Dandy
Hoggard HS, NC
DL #135
Dandy was - for lack of a better words - a dandy on the football field, earning himself the DL MVP. A monster of the midway at 6'1 314, Dandy had scary strength, a great punch, good moves and elite level potential.
Jordan Richardson
Athens Academy, GA
DL #115
Richardson was the co-DL MVP. The 5'11.5 265 lb prospect ran a 4.67 shuttle, had a great motor, gave a great effort, was physical, tough and athletic.
Nicholas Thrasher
Mount Zion HS, GA
LB #55
Thrasher earned the LB MVP. Big and powerful at 6'0 225, Thrasher had a 9'0 broad jump, ran a 4.44 shuttle, is strong physically, listens well, has good agility and reacts quickly.
Kristofer Curtis
Fayette County HS, GA
OL #142
Curits, 6'4 293, was the OL MVP award winner. Curtis bench pressed 185 lbs 18 times, had great feet, quick hands, is smart and coachable.
Joshua King
Mount Zion HS, GA
CB #53
King was exactly that of the d-backs, earning himself the DB MVP. The 5'8.5 179 lb King was a tremendous athlete, with a 36 inch vertical, 9'11 broad jump, 4.48 shuttle and 4.53 40 wowing our coaches. King also had great strength and supreme confidence, keeping the DB's in check throughout the 1 on 1's.
Ryan Stewart
Z.B. Vance HS, GA
WR #1
Stewart, 5'7.5 157, was sitting atop the throne as the Combine King. Stewart had a 34.5 inch vertical, 10'0 broad jump, ran a 4.36 shuttle and 4.55 40. This is what you can an out of this world athlete.
Darrelle Robinson
Monticello HS, VA
WR #56
Robinson won the WR MVP. The 5'8 145 lb Robinson had a 32 inch vertical, 8'8 broad jump, ran a 4.41 shuttle, 4.56 40 and had soft hands, making himself a primary target for the QB's every time he stepped up to the line.
Marcellus Pope
Stockbridge HS, GA
WR #9
Pope was feeling like a champion after earning himself the WR MVP and Leadership awards. Extremely talented at 5'8 179, Pope had a 31 inch vertical, 9'3 broad jump, ran a 4.55 40, had good hands and beat the DB's to the stop consistently.
London Beck
Hart County HS, GA
QB #66
Beck, 6'1.5 193, won the QB MVP. Beck had an 8'9 broad jump, a strong arm, good footwork, supreme confidence and remained poised throughout the 1 on 1's.
Devon Miller
Charles Drew HS, GA
CB #52
It's Miller time! Even though he was a sophomore competing up a grade, Miller won the Fastest Man award by running a 4.49 40. The 5'8 158 lb d-back also had a 31.5 inch vertical, and 9'1 broad jump, making him a threat for a pick six at any time.
Joshua McKissic
Alabama Central HS, AL
RB #7
McKissic, 5'9 170, won the WR MVP. He had a 30 inch vertical, 9'4 broad jump, is a natural born play maker and runs awesome routes
Pernell Anderson
Bacon County HS, GA
CB #18
Anderson, 5'9 167, shared the DB MVP honors with King. Anderson had an 8'9.5 broad jump, was tremendous with coverage and covers a ton of ground.
Kailan Mitchell
Bob Jones HS, AL
LB #92
Mitchell won the Strongest Man award. The stocky 5'10 229 lb linebacker bench pressed 185 lbs 35 times, had a 32.5 inch vertical, 8'5 broad jump, and ran a 4.53 shuttle.
Brenard Williams
Tift County HS, GA
LB #79
Williams, 5'9.5 219, earned the LB MVP award. Williams was tremendous during 1 on 1's, playing physical with great lateral movement, good hips and a solid downhill step.

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